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Please understand: The images at "" are the result of several years hard work and experience. Purchase of the needed equipment, maintenance, developingcosts and travelexpenses makes the production of the images highly expensive. The income from the images helps Kim Meineche to continue his future work in documenting wrecks and life of the Ocean Realm.





Payment can be done by "SWIFT". If you like to pay in another way, please take contact to make an appointment. The needed details for paying by "SWIFT" are found below:

IBAN / Acc.: DK1776000001653948
Bank: Vestjysk Bank
My Name: Kim Meineche



When ordered as digital images, the deliverey can take place from day to day, via E-mail, FTP (File Transport Protokol) or CD. Each photograph (For editorial-use) is scanned into files of maximum 130MB. Please specify the wanted fileformate (GIF, TIFF, JPEG, PSD, etc.....).



Images ordered as prints must be prepayed. Print orders requires 2-3 weeks of delivery. Listed prices are excl. shippingcosts.



If wanted, the images can be supplied by wellperformed articles, written in english and/or danish.
Feel free to contact Kim Meineche to tell about your needs and purpose for an article.



Kim Meineche can be reserved to give informative lectures about diving, shipwrecks and underwaterphotography, supplied by his photographs, presented by real slideprojection for optimal viewing quality.


Thank You for your understanding and support.

Kim Meineche