Click to see  Kim Meineche´s homemade KISS-Dolphin CCR (Converted Dräger Dolphin).
Kim Meineche´s homemade KISS-Dolphin CCR (Converted Dräger Dolphin Rebreather).
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As it says: Norway at it's best! Gulen Dykkesenter is simply the most serious diveoperator at the norwegian westcoast. Fast RIB's, Accomodation, Nitrox, Tri-mix, Rebreather, worldclass wrecks and nature. All you need whatever you are a sport- or technical-diver, underwaterphotographer, etc.....
The best diveresort at Cyprus. Specialized in technical diving.
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JD Contractor is acknowledged as the largest and most advanced diving business in Denmark.
Kystcentret Thyborøn. Exciting exhibition about the North Sea.
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"Strandingsmuseum STGeorge". A very nice exhibition with things from the wrecks of the North Sea. The Museum is located just a few hundred meters from the North Sea it self, at Torsminde. You simply have to visit this place if you have any interest in diving and ships/shipwrecks.
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"DYK" The Scandinavian underwater magazine. Articles about divingrelated stuff from Denmark and other places. I have several publications in this magazine.
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"Dykking". Excellent divemagazine from and about the Norwegian underwaterworld.