#254-06  (Please click for enlargement)
#254-06; Rather intact part of the starboard side.
#254-11  (Please click for enlargement)
#254-11; Diver at the boiler.
#254-13  (Please click for enlargement)
#254-13; Strongly broken part of the starboard side. The boiler can be seen at the left.

S/S Arctic

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Updated 29th. of Oct. 2002


The english steamship S/S Arctic, wrecked in a heavy storm, close to the Jutland Westcoast on the 4th of October, 1860. The seawater came in through a crushed skylight and further to the boilerroom, where the
fire soon turned off. Without beeing able to control the ship, which was sinking fast, the crew resorted to the masts of the ship, where they screamed for help through out the night.
25 other ships wrecked or stranded the same night, so the the rescuers were simply to exhausted to rescue the people at S/S Arctic.. An english man, named Thomas Earle turned himself in to take place in the rescueboat. He persuaded 2 of the rescuemen and 7 more among the people on the beach to follow him. Thomas Earle died in his try to rescue his english fellow countrymen onboard the S/S Arctic, in front of his grown up son. A young pair, who were just married, gave their weddingdinner to the survivors from S/S Arctic.
25 years after, a stone was raised to remind Thomas Earle with an inscription like: No one has more love, than the man who sacrifice his life in charity.
Today the wreck of S/S Artic is located at 11 meter of depth. The bow is almost gone, but the stern and the boilers are rather intact and easy to recognize. The touching story of the S/S Arctic, which is far from complete in details, makes one feel something special for this wreck.



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#254-02  (Please click for enlargement)
#254-02; Diver by the end of the driveshaft.
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#254-16; Diver examines the wreck of S/S Arctic.
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#254-18; Lenspump at the S/S Arctic.