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#154-34; Part of the mainconstruction of the H.M.S. Defence.
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#140-10; Lost fishingnet are commonly found on the North Sea wrecks.
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#154-32; A piece of chain, surrounded by other pieces from the wreck.

H.M.S. Defence

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Updated 29th. of Oct. 2002


The two British ships of the Line, H.M.S. St. George and Defence, stranded and totally wrecked by Torsminde, right of the Westjutland Coast, 24th. of December, 1811.
The biggest stranding in history was a reallity. The loses counted about 1300 men. Only 17 made it alive to the beach.
These events always made a big impression at the local people and is never forgotten.
The Museeum, of stranded ships, in Torsminde, is built above thousands of objects from H.M.S. St. George and Defence, found by the professional diver, Gert Normann
and his divingteam. A fantastic collection you simply just have to visit, if you have just a small interest in ships and their history.
The exhibition also contains founds from other famous shipwrecks.
The wreck of H.M.S. Defence has not been payed as much attention as the wreck of H.M.S. St.George, since H.M.S. St. George was almost completely intact, when found, compared to the wreck of H.M.S. Defence, that is completely crashed.
The wreck of H.M.S. Defence is located at only 5-8 meters of water, but the visibility is mostly very poor, because of the hard waves from the North Sea. On quiet days or when the wind is coming from the east, an underwater photographer can be lucky to get some good shots.



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#154-33; Most of the wreck is hardly broken down, but small pieces are still rather intact.
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#154-31; Piece of robe (Anchorline?) after almost 200 years at the bottom of the North Sea.
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#140-16; Steel canon located a few meters from the mainpart of the wreck.
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#140-03; Rivets in the woodconstruction.
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#154-24; Part of the mainconstruction of the H.M.S. Defence.
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#140-13; Barrelbands of cobber can be found at the wreck. This one is polished with sand by currents and waves.
#154-27  (Please click for enlargement)
#154-27; Big cobberrivet at the H.M.S. Defence.