#270-33 (Please click to zoom in on images from Øygarden, Norway)
#270-33; Øygarden, Norway.
#231-08 (Please click to zoom in on images from Sognefjord, Norway)
#231-08; Sognefjord, Norway.
#287-12 (Please click to zoom in on images from Lysekil, Sweden)
#287-12; Lysekil, Sweden.

Marine environments

Each image to the left represents a larger image collection of the specified divesite (Name found below each image). To zoom in on the collection of a specified divesite, please click the representing image.

Updated 12th. ofNov., 2006


Staying above the surface, looking down into the sea, is for many people a mix of fear and couriosity with a lot of quistions spining around in their mind. Since the stoneage or even before, the human being has been attracted to the ocean and it's content. At that time, diving was very limited compared to the possibilities of today. In the 50's the first real SCUBA-gear was made (Self Containing Underwater Breathing Apparatus). A piece of equipment, known as the "Aqualung", that alllows a human being to stay free and mobile, beneath the surface for a conciderable longer time than known so far. A new possibility to explore the colors and the shapes of the Ocean Realm was born.



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#432-06 (Please click to zoom in on images from strait of Gubal, Red Sea)
#432-06; Strait of Gubal, Red Sea.
#434-21 (Please click to zoom in on images from strait of Tiran, Red Sea)
#434-21; Strait of Tiran, Red Sea.
#435-04 (Please click to zoom in on images from Ras Mohammed, Red Sea)
#435-04; Ras Mohammed, Red Sea.
#525_4217 (Please click for enlargement)
#525_4217; Lillesand, Norway, 2006.
#DM2005-1-silver; (Please click for enlargement)
#DM2005-1-silver; Elsegaarde, Ebeltoft, Denmark, 2005.