#427-15 (Please click for enlargement)
#427-15; Entrenceto Dunraven through the starboard side of the stern.
#427-19 (Please click for enlargement)
#427-19; Propeller shaft.
#427-17 (Please click for enlargement)
#427-17; Exit of the wreck. Middle of the wreck.


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Updated 8th. of August, 2005


The Dunraven was built in 1873 in Newcastle and hit the reef at Sha'ab Mahmoud, Strait of Gubal in 1876. It has sunk in 30 meters of water right next to the reef wall and is completely upside down in two sections. The length is about 80m and it's about 10m wide
The stern section is in about 29m to the sand and is open in places for those qualified to enter. This leads to a swim through by the side of the ship's boiler and out where the wreck has broken in half. Dunraven was a Victorian steam- and sail-ship that was carrying spices, gold and timber from India.



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#427-25 (Please click for enlargement)
#427-25; Exit at the central part of Dunraven.
#427-21 (Please click for enlargement)
#427-21; Diver inside the Dunraven.
#427-10 (Please click for enlargement)
#427-10; Diver by the stern of Dunraven.
#427-09 (Please click for enlargement)
#427-09; Rudder and propeller with a broken blade, at the Dunraven.