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#129-09 Diver and Lumpfish (Cyclopterus lumpus) by the anchorwinch.

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#129-11 Lumpfish (Cyclopterus lumpus) by the anchorwinch.

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#129-34; Diver at the frontpart of D/S Edith.

D/S Edith

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Updated 29th. of Oct. 2002


D/S Edith sank in the night, 23rd. of april,1909 after collision with D/S Oxford. The tragedy took place at Askholmen, a little north from Drøbaksund in Oslofjorden. 16 man lost their lives. The Captains wife came onboard at Kristiansand…. she also lost her life.
Edith was on her way with a cargo of cinders, salt, sulphur, flour, tin and a big amount of porcelain and stoneware. Lots of the porcelain and stoneware has been salvaged through the time.
Today the wreck is laying in two pieces from 21 to 72 meters of depth. The frontship is laying from 21 to 35 meters, on a ledge and the rest is laying from 46 to 72 meters of depth.
The wreck is among the most wellknown divespots at the Oslofjord and since the concept of "Technical diving" reached the scandinavian part of the world, this wreck has been of great interest for this kind of divers. Unfortunately, Edith has demanded her lives after she sank. In 1985, a young diver lost his life at the deep part of the wreck and in 1999, another 2 divers lost their life under mysterious circumstances….also at the deep part.



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#130-31; Plumose anemones (Metridium senile) at D/S Edith.