#201-25  (Please click for enlargement)
#201-25; M/S Faros was loaded with timber. Parts of it went down to the deep, still wrapped in the original plastic with firmname, etc.
#201-16  (Please click for enlargement)
#201-16; This boardingboat went down to the deep with M/S Faros.
#201-22  (Please click for enlargement)
#201-22; Diver examines a box, containing heavy bolts. The box is found on the deck between the 2 holds.

M/S Faros

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Updated 29th. of Oct. 2002


The ship was on it's way from Sweeden to Holland with 2100 tons of timber, when a heavy storm blow into the area. The ship got into troubles, about 40NM from the danish westcoast, when the machine stoped and the seawater was getting inside!
15 meter high waves and floating timber made it very difficult and dangerous to rescue the crew at 7 men. 2 helicopters and the danish Inspection-ship "Vestkysten" was involved in this action. A rescuer (Ole Stie Olesen) on the Inspection-ship died by the event, but all other was saved!
You can read more about this wreck in my article, published at The Scandinavian Underwater magazine "DYK" August, 2001



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#201-31  (Please click for enlargement)
#201-31; Door to electric installations.
#201-04  (Please click for enlargement)
#201-04; Electric installations.
#201-26  (Please click for enlargement)
#201-26; Leider at the front, damaged by the waves and floating timber.
#201-03  (Please click for enlargement)
#201-03; Diver by the hold
#201-30  (Please click for enlargement)
#201-30; Diver at the portside of M/S Faros.
#203-28  (Please click for enlargement)
#203-28; Diver by the anchorwinch.
#201-13  (Please click for enlargement)
#201-13; In this bracket, the rescuefleet, (used by the crew) was mounted.
#201-32  (Please click for enlargement)
#201-32; The ventilationsystem to the holds is very caracteristic. Two towershaped constructions raises from the deck on the frontship.
#203-07  (Please click for enlargement)
#203-07; Diver at the entrance to the bridge at the starboard side.