#428-00 (Please click for enlargement)
#428-00 ; The very intact wreck of Ghiannis D..
#428-03 (Please click for enlargement)
#428-03; View of the stern and maindeck.
#428-04 (Please click for enlargement)
#428-04; Diver by the stern.

Ghiannis D.

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Updated 8th. of August, 2005


Despite of modern navigation equipment, wreckage of ships still happends. A moment of distraction to the captain, probably caused the wreckage of the greek cargoship, Ghiannis D. on it's way from Croatia to Yemen with it's cargo of timber, when it hit the reef of Abu Nuhas in the Strait of Gubal, 19th. of April, 1986.
All crew members was rescued by the Egyptian ship Santa Fe.
Original the ship was built in Japan, 1969, named Shoyo Maru. It was 99,5m in length and 16m wide, with a weight of 2923tons.
In 1975 the ship was sold to another company and renamed Markos, before it finally was sold again in 1980 to the greek company Dumarc Shipping and Trading Corporation and renamed Ghiannis D.
The wreck is resting on a sandy bottom of the reef at 27m of depth in 3 main pieces. The U-shaped crane is found as shallow as 6m on the stern part, which is very intact as well as the bow part.



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#428-11 (Please click for enlargement)
#428-11; Starboard side of the stern.
#428-12 (Please click for enlargement)
#428-12; Skylights behind the superstructure.
#428-34 (Please click for enlargement)
#428-34; Divers at the bow section.
#428-13 (Please click for enlargement)
#428-13; Some kind of pump-installation?.
#428-06 (Please click for enlargement)
#428-06; Winch at the sternpart of the Ghiannis D.
#428-05 (Please click for enlargement)
#428-05; Diver above the stern of Ghiannis D.
#428-22 (Please click for enlargement)
#428-22; Winch in front of the superstructure.
#428-35 (Please click for enlargement)
#428-35; Diver by the bow section.