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#375-03; Lost fishingnet, still fishing (Codfish, Gadus morhua) on the wreck of Olivia.
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#375-16;Divers on decompression-stop after diving the wreck of Olivia.
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#375-15; Divers on decompression-stop after diving the wreck of Olivia.


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Updated 15th. of August, 2004


Olivia was a cypriot cargoship. On it's way from Poland, loaded with sulphate, an explotion at the engineroom put the ship on fire. When the seawater reached the holds, loaded with the sulphate, the fire developed very quickly, because the sulphate catch fire when contact with water.
The accident happend about 20NM, North East of Hanstholm, on the 8th. of July, 1971. The ship almost exploded before the crew could give any SOS-signal to other ships, etc.. The fire was then discovered by a passing jetplane and futher reported to land. The crew of 18 men was rescued by other ships and a helicopter.
One of the crewmembers was badly damaged by burns, why he was transported to the hospital in Ålborg.
Because of risk for collision with other ships, the wreck have been blown into pieces. Only the bow is rather intact, on the rest of the wreck, orientation is lost very easily.

(Source:Freddy Breitenstein)


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#375-06; Divers at the Wreck of Olivia.