#240-06  (Please click for enlargement)
#240-06; Diver at the front of "Skansen".
#240-22  (Please click for enlargement)
#240-22; Diver by the superstructure at the rear part of the wreck.
#240-33  (Please click for enlargement)
#240-33; Diver examines a door, made of wood, found in the hold.


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Updated 29th. Oct. 2002


"Skansen" was a ship for stonefishing at 194 brt., build 1934.
On the 30th. of September, 1978 "Skansen" had a stonecargo of 160 tons, intended for the reinforcement of a lighthousebasebuilding (Højbjerg E) in the "Langelandsbælt".
By a mistake, while the work with dropping the stones was going on, the ship slammed against the lighthouse, without notice from the crew.
Before the crew discovered what had happened, the seawater was standing high in the winchroom and the ship had started turning over. The crew resorted to the lighthouse, while "Skansen" went down to the seabed. In the last minut, "Lyngby Skibsradio" was called for help. All this happened in just 15-20 minutes.
Today, the wreck of "Skansen" is resting side by side with the lighthouse basebuilding.
The depth at the location is just 17 meters, why the bridge and the mast has been blown away. Except from these parts, the wreck stands very intact, like a "Donald Duck Wreck" what the images to the left, shows too.
When diving "Skansen" it's important to mension, that the current can be very strong in the area and just a few hundred meters from the lighthouse, a heavy traffic of very large ships is going on.



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#240-37  (Please click for enlargement)
#240-37; Diver at the entrance to the equipmentroom at the front of the wreck.
#240-27  (Please click for enlargement)
#240-27; Rear part of "Skansen" in profile.
#240-34  (Please click for enlargement)
#240-34; Door from the superstructure?
#240-11  (Please click for enlargement)
#240-11; Entrance to the equipmentroom.
#240-18  (Please click for enlargement)
#240-18; Diver by the remaining part of the mast.