#385-27  (Please click for enlargement)
#385-27; Images from a freshwaterlake. Egersund, Norway, 2004.
#345-2-20 (Please click see the collection from "Kattegatcentret").
#345-2-20; Oceanarium at Kattegatcentret (Public Aquarium). Grenaa, Denmark, 2004.
#325-11 (Please click to zoom in on carwrecks at the Limestone Quarry)

#325-11; Car Wrecks in an old Limestone Quarry. Nørhå, Denmark, 2003.


(Images related to water and diving)



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#Dana2-28 (Please click to zoom in on the collection from the Dana-expedition)
#Dana2-28; Expedition onboard the "Cable One" in the search for the wreck of "Dana" Sept., 2005.
#cableOne3-04 (Please click to zoom in on images with JD Contractor at work)
#cableOne3-04; At work with JD Contractor.
#cis06a (Please click to zoom in on the CIS-Lunar MK5)
#cis06a; CIS-Lunar MK5 Rebreather.