#376-22 (Please click for enlargement)
#376-22; Hatches on the top of the U-406.
#376-06 (Please click for enlargement)
#376-06; Central propeller at the Russian U-406
#376-19 (Please click for enlargement)
#376-19; Detail ont the top of the Russian U-406

(Russian Submarine)

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Updated 15th. of August 2004


U-406 was a Russian Submarine of the Foxtrot class, 91,5meters in lenght and with a weight of 1995brt. Cause to an open hatch it sank in 1994, 22NM North of Hanstholm, when tuged from ???.
The Submarine was turned into a Museum, with lots of plates containing information and descriptions for the audience. The final destination was Liverpool in England, but instead it ended up here at the bottom of the North Sea..... still like a museum but just for divers.
The wreck is laying on its portside, almost fully intact at 27meter of depth..
Holes has been cut in the wreck, to make it possible to remove invironmental threads like the batteries, etc.


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#376-23 (Please click for enlargement)
#376-23; Some kind of tower?
#376-10 (Please click for enlargement)
#376-10; lower part of central rudder.
#376-17 (Please click for enlargement)
#376-17; Diver above the Russian U-406.
#376-04 (Please click for enlargement)
#376-04; Sideview of the starboardside propeller.
#376-15 (Please click for enlargement)
#376-15; Details at the top of the submarine.
#376-21 (Please click for enlargement)
#376-21; Another kind of hatch on top of the Russian Submarine.