#ZZ-3 (Please click for enlargement)
#ZZ-3; One of the canons at the wreck of Zierikzee.
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#ZZ-6; Some of the woodconstruction is still visible.
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#ZZ-2; Another view at the woodconstruction.


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Updated 29th. Oct. 2002

Zierikzee was a fregate from Holland, that wrecked at Tversted, by the North Jutland Coast, on the 2nd. november, 1782.The wreck is hardly recognizeable as a ship, but there are still pieces of timber and several kanons left.
At the kanons stands the Script: AB 1782. A couble of the kanons are staying in vertical position, only 40 cm from the surface, so it's recommended to be careful when sailing in the area, around the wreck.
The depth by, the wreck, is only about 3 meters.
Most of the year, the visibility here is very poor, 20-30 cm, but few days a year, the it reaches 5 to 10 meters so I was very lucky when I took these picures.
103 men lost their lives and 342 was rescued when the ship stranded. The Crew called for help by firing one of the 64 kanons on the ship.
The indification of the wreck is based on plates, bottles and a coin from 1761, found at the wreck.



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#ZZ-4 (Please click for enlargement)
#ZZ-4; Canon of the Zierikzee.
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#ZZ-1; Another canon.